Helpful Memos

Announcements and Objectives

Honoring our Host

We pay rent at our P.E. site. Not all churches will rent to us. It is a privilege to use the facility. Please help us take care of the church property and keep it clean. If you have any food items please completely clean up your mess.

Please keep your children in the P.E. areas. Do not allow them to climb on the buildings, pick flowers, or deface the property in any way.

Siblings on Site

Siblings of students in class are not allowed to stay at the gym without a parent present. Children that stay at the gym with their parents need to be supervised at all times.


If there is a one-time situation for a guest, please call Rachael Werner. Guests may attend with a student that is a member for $5.00 per class. They may attend 2 times as a guest.


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