The Werner Family

Over the last four years, I 

(Rachael) have had the privilege to apprentice teach under Rick (one year) and Diane Taylor (four years) in their P.E. programs. 

Brandon and I have been married for twelve years and together have three children. We serve South Oklahoma City through Western Hills Church where Brandon is on staff. 


Both Brandon and I grew up homeschooled and played in P.E. class under the teaching of Diane Taylor, making great memories and learning games and skills we still use today! 


After Diane's retirement in 2018, it is my honor to carry on her legacy through homeschool P.E. until the Lord closes that door.

I believe in the value of play, laughter, praise, correction, and structure. 

The objectives of the P.E. program are skill development, being physically active, and participate in lifetime sports.


We will use scooters, jump ropes, hula-hoops, balls, parachute, and other equipment throughout the year.

The high school class offers a variety of lifetime sports. Volleyball, tennis, rock climbing, and Ultimate Frisbee are examples of some of the sports we have taught. 

Class is highly structured. My goal is that children will enjoy being active so they will want to continue to be active throughout all of life!


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